Limitless opportunity awaits with the Revoria Press™ PC1120. Harness the transformational power of revolutionary productivity and performance and unlock the true value of CMYK+ printing. Amaze customers with infinite colour power and boost ROI to game-changing levels. Open new revenue stream possibilities with unlimited print applications.

Discover the New Horizon for Graphic Communication

Maximise your Business Potential

Designed to soar beyond what you thought was possible with your business.

The Power of Infinity

Exceed your potential for growth with infinite colour possibilities, achieve impressive printouts, and bring your creativity to life.


Speciality colours such as Gold, Silver, White, Pink, and Clear open new doors to unlimited on-demand print opportunities.

You can deliver:

  • Super sleek varnish effect with gloss
  • Multiple metallic prints using white, gold, and silver plus CMYK overlay
  • Vibrant images and increase your colour gamut and smoother gradients with pink
  • Richer printouts with depth on coloured media with white, gold, and silver.
Metallic (silver)
Metallic (gold)

Produce high resolution and smooth screen images of 2400 x 2400 dpi with our unique technology. The 10-bit gradation makes everything appear smoother and more radiant. It’s just another way to deliver the infinite possibilities of colour, making them more intense and more beautiful for a high-quality finished look.

Stuning Printouts Stuning Printouts

Bring photography to life and make it utterly captivating with our unique capability that automatically brightens skin colours and gives skin texture a beautiful flawless finish. The particles in our super EA Eco toner are 20% smaller than standard EA, making it the smallest dry ink in the world! The result is smooth and beautiful photograph gradation, density uniformity in figures, and printed text without glare - which allows you to experiment further with our infinite colour possibilities.

Slide to see the difference

Intelligent Printing Output

AI-based Photo Quality Optimisation analyses data to identify the subjects within your photography so that it can apply the right effects during printing to enhance image details. This allows you to spend less time in post-production. Best of all, it gives you the power to automate print processes to save time and deliver superior productivity.


The AI in the print server enables you to automatically retouch images across a large volume of images* simply and efficiently. AI automatically improves:

  • Backlight compensation and sharpness
  • Skin Tone Correction
  • Brightness and more.

It’s a great way to streamline your operations.

*Applies to RGB type images only

AI-Based Photo Quality Optimisation

AI automatically converts your data without the need for touch up, to produce smoother natural gradients and brighter, richer skin tones.

Endless Versatility

Unleash limitless application possibilities. Streamline your operations and improve productivity with innovative features like the Air-suction feeder and static eliminator to make your media-handling a breeze.

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Enhance your paper handling capabilities by reducing the risk of double feeding. Experience greater versatility when handling large production runs of a wide range of media types and sizes.


It empowers you to print on a variety of substrates such as films, metallic, and transparent media without them sticking together for easy post-production handling.


Expand your scope with greater flexibility that gives you more options for your customers.

Running at 120ppm, the standard configuration comes with 2 paper feeders on the Print Engine with an Offset Catch Tray. A feature-packed high performance press that will enable you to deliver impactful print results efficiently.

  1. Revoria Press™ PC1120 Engine
  1. Offset Catch Tray

Let this feature-rich printer do the heavy lifting when it comes to intricate and complex print jobs such as handling 1,200mm book covers, long banners, or 2-fold brochures. With advanced feeding capabilities you can deliver delightful works of art hassle-free.

  1. Air Suction Feeder C1-DS + Banner Unit for Air Suction Feeder
  2. Revoria Press™ PC1120 Engine
  1. Interface Decurler Module D1
  2. Finisher D6 with Booklet Maker + Long Catch Tray

Expand your business potential when you pair our cutting-edge print engine with advanced finishing modules. Sorting, stacking, stapling, hole punching, even the insertion of extra sheets or book covers can be completed with ease on this high-performance press! The 2 units of High Capacity Stackers add an additional 10,000 sheets - completing high-volume jobs have never been this easy.

  1. Revoria Press™ PC1120 Engine
  2. Interface Decurler Module D1
  3. Offset Catch Tray
  4. High Capacity Stacker A1 with Transport Module
  1. Folder Unit CD2
  2. Finisher D6 with Booklet Maker
  3. Square Back Fold Trimmer D1

Optimise your efficiency and potential beyond your imagination with our top-of-the-line production press that is able to accomplish not just advanced finishing, but produce stunning results across various media. This configuration comes with all of our most advanced modules and allows for full automation to streamline your high-volume print workloads without slowing you down.

  1. Air Suction Feeder C1-DS + Banner Unit for Air Suction Feeder
  2. Chained Air Suction Feeder
  3. Revoria Press™ PC1120 Engine
  4. Interface Decurler Module D1
  1. Offset Catch Tray
  2. Static Eliminator D1
  3. High Capacity Stacker A1 with Transport Module
  4. Crease/Two-sided Trimmer D2
  1. Folder Unit CD2
  2. Finisher D6 with Booklet Maker
  3. Square Back Fold Trimmer D1

What's so revolutionary about the Revoria Press™ PC1120?

Hear from our R&D team as they reveal the innovative technologies hidden within the Revoria Press™ PC1120.

Unlimited Applications

Infinite colour possibilities mean infinite new revenue streams because our metallics, clear ink and more can be used in any number of ways, including printing directly on colour media. The only limitation is your imagination.

Innovation Program

FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s Colour Innovation Program

We are committed to helping our customers overcome any colour management challenges they may face. To do so, we have created this unique programme, specifically designed to provide: colour consultancy services, customers training services and premium colour services.


Learn more about the Revoria Press™ PC1120, and gain market insights and developments to benefit your business.

Revoria Press™ PC1120 Infographic

Unleash the true power of infinite colour possibilities with the Revoria Press™ PC1120 outstanding capabilities.

In this infographic, uncover insights on how the features of Revoria Press™ PC1120 can revolutionise your print business and turn common print challenges into endless opportunities.


Revoria Press™ PC1120 Playbook

In a world of evolving consumer demands, cultural shifts, and technological advancements – change is the only constant in the print industry. To remain competitive, print businesses need to adopt an agile mindset and pivot to keep up with current trends. This playbook aims to provide insights on the current state of the print industry, as well as the demand and trends for commercial printers, creative agencies, and brand owners. Discover new ways your business can thrive in this dynamic market


Discover how Revoria Press™ PC1120 can boost your business potential.

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